Operations Engineering Manager


Garden City, Kansas


Manage the design, operations planning, and execution of all drilling, completion, and waterflood and CO2-enhanced oil-recovery projects.

Supervise field-production personnel, including delegating work assignments, developing employees, evaluating performance, imposing discipline, and recommending hiring, promotion, compensation, and discharge decisions.

Coordinate operational engineering technical support, including use of rod design and analysis software applications, to optimize field operations and enhance field production.

Coordinate production and waterflood and CO2-injection processes and predict and evaluate waterflood and CO2 recovery performance using Spotfire data-analytics software.

Lead well reviews with all teams and field-production personnel.

Monitor, report, and evaluate daily production.

Analyze and interpret wireline-pressure and fluid-sample data to understand reservoir parameters.

Complete reservoir-simulation models and formulate reserve and performance predictions for well proposals using decline curve analysis, waterflood studies, pressure transient analysis, nodal analysis, and production forecasting.

Develop economic analyses, including formulation and evaluation of capital and operating expenditure cost estimates, and monitor authorizations for expenditure and actual costs on all operated projects.

Identify and analyze near-asset exploration opportunities and coordinate operations-engineering due-diligence review.

Manage field supply chain and track inventory levels.

Ensure regulatory compliance across all governmental agencies for operated assets.

Interact with working-interest partners, landowners, service companies, and regulatory agencies.


Bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering or a related field.
5 years of experience with designing and executing waterflood and CO2‑enhanced oil-recovery projects.
Experience with well design, completion design, operations planning, and onsite execution of drilling and completion of oil wells.
Experience with decline curve analysis.
Experience with conducting, analyzing, and testing waterflood studies.
Experience with pressure transient analysis.
Experience with production forecasting.
Experience with rod design and analysis software applications.
Experience with data-analytics software.
Experience with analyzing and interpreting wireline-pressure and fluid-sample data.
Experience with nodal analysis design and stimulation.
Experience with formulating and evaluating capital and operating expenditure cost estimates.
Experience with identifying and analyzing near-asset exploration opportunities.
Daily travel to company wellsites in Finney and Meade counties.

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